Meet Jami

Jami is a NYU certified Life Coach, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Reiki Master, writer, speaker, mindfulness expert, and trusted parenting advisor. She works with a diverse international clientele to cultivate a sense of self that’s strong enough to navigate any challenge. Jami is also co-creator and co-founder of a coaching program called Selfscription® Mindset, designed to help people slow down and get to know themself in order to take advantage of the internal journey.

“I have learned not to judge people’s life choices. Life happens for each of us, teaching us the lessons we need to learn. With an open heart we can find the wisdom in all of our experiences. We are human and ultimately we are all seeking to live our best life!”
– Jami Bertini

A graduate from Johnson & Wales University, Jami began her professional career with the Marriott Corporation. She rose through the ranks as the Executive Meeting Manager, developing a reputation for integrity and effectiveness. While in charge of the Japanese tour market, she traveled to Japan to promote international travel to the USA. More recently, Jami has taken a new path by developing a life coaching practice. She launched two businesses: Grow Coaching and Selfscription. She now assists individuals, corporate clients, couples gong through a divorce, parents, young professionals, and new entrepreneurs.

Jami’s grounded and compassionate approach to life coaching is a beacon for those who are in search of a path to change their lives. Her nurturing ability stems from her roots in a large Italian family, where she grew up working in her family’s restaurants. It was there that she developed a strong work ethic, and learned to celebrate life’s many joys. Jami is a single mother of three, she is an expert in family dynamics and relationships as well as mindful divorces. Jami brings warmth and integrity to her coaching style. Her great passion lies in helping others unlock their connection to their true inner selves and find their life’s purpose.

Jami has lived on 3 continents and traveled to over 40 countries. She has a vibrant, international background, and her time overseas has allowed her to relate to people of different cultural backgrounds and identities. She now resides in Westport, Connecticut. Jami offers in person coaching services in Westport, and New York City, she also serves clients all over the world virtually.