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Jami helped me achieve something that I never thought would be attainable - inner peace, comfort in my own skin and acceptance for who I am. With each session, Jami helped me determine what I wanted most out of life and worked with me to create a viable action plan. Before I began coaching sessions, I was lost and broken; locked in my own closet for nearly 20 years.  Looking back on it all now, I can honestly say there is no chance i would have been able to accomplish my goals without her help.  She was a true angel put into my life and I am thankful to have had the benefit of her insightful guidance along the way.



My wife died this year. I have watched you play with your boy every morning while waiting for the school bus. This reminds me of how my wife brought up my 2 boys. I am 87 and I am a hard worker. I have seen many things in my life. I can count on one hand how often I see moms playing with their sons in this town. You are a wonderful mother and it brings joy to my heart to see the relationship you share with your son.



Jami has helped me to realize that I have the ability to own my happiness as well as my baggage and that I am and always was in control of my story. I now see myself not only as the same loving woman and nurturer but also a career minded, self motivated woman.



I am very grateful for Jami! she has been my life coach for a little over a year, I’ve made so much progress that I am amazed when I think about it all. She has helped me discover the person I really am and my true potential. I now know what I want to do with my life and my career. I know I have a purpose and even though life gets difficult, Jami has taught me to look for the positive in every situation.



Jami has helped me transform my life. A little over a year ago, I was completely devoted to my family and husband. My life took an unexpected turn of events, and I suddenly found myself as a single parent that not only had to maintain all that I already do as a mom and homemaker but I also suddenly need to prepare to re-enter the workforce much earlier than we had planned. 



Jami helped me realize that there is so much more of me to define. She helped me through the struggles of a broken heart through my separation and divorce as well as remain a good parent through all the confusion, (Jami has the best parenting advice). She also guided me to stay in touch with my inner self who is very loving and loyal. I am happy to say that my ex-husband and I are not only good friends throughout all of our changes but we also remained more like family. Our four happy children are living proof that life coaching really works!



I have coached with Jami on a number issues in both my personal life and professional career. Each time she has gone above and beyond to make herself available and accessible to me and has helped me to come out on top of what seemed liked the most harrowing situations. Jami is not only an amazing Life Coach, but she genuinely cares about each one of her clients.



Coaching sessions with Jami allowed me to dig deep and get what I want out of life. I was able to gain self-confidence and realize I was capable of more than I thought. I did not have to search outside of myself, because the answers were inside.    



Jami possess a wonderful blend of skills that lend to her doing her job well. She is passionate about her work and operates with such congruence between her words and deeds that I am often inspired to be a better person by her example. If you are reading this then you are likely looking for help to achieve a goal. If that is the case then you need not look any further. You've arrived where you need to be.



As a life coach, Jami had a tremendous impact on making me reevaluate how my time is spent and look for ways to reduce chaos – not only with tangible items, but with my relationships as well. Jami was very motivating, encouraging and not judging! Her positive energy was inspiring.  I felt my best after a call with Jami.  



Jami has supported me in finding clarity and maintaining an authentic direction in both my personal and professional life. Jami is incredibly gifted at drawing out the real issues and opportunities that I didn't even know were present. Thanks to Jami's coaching I have been happier, healthier and more efficient in my life. Every week I look forward to our sessions and the clarity and insight they bring.



Jami is an exceptional life coach. Patient, honest and insightful, she helped me understand issues that have been troubling me for years without my realizing, and gave me practical ways to overcome them and move forward in a positive way.



As a Life Coach, Jami is "as good as it gets!"  I started seeing Jami because of vague feelings of "being stuck" or feeling like a deer caught in the headlights, but after a few sessions I realized that there were other things adding to my general sense of angst.  The results have been quite real and tangible for me -- feel like I finally got out of first gear!  And now my wife sees her too and is having equally wonderful results.  



I feel very grateful to have learned so much from Jami over the past year. She is an incredible coach, and has helped me become a better, stronger version of myself.



Jami is really amazing! My life has drastically changed for the better through the tools she has provided me with. She is very accommodating, genuine, reliable and puts a lot of time and care into her clients. I always feel like I have gained so much clarity and self empowerment after a session with her. Thank you Jami! :)



Hiring Jami as a life coach was one of the best decisions I could have made! In just a short time her understanding of me and her direct approach to motivating me resulted in me making some pretty amazing changes in my life.



I have had the good fortune to work with Jami Bertini for almost a year now as a client. Her approach is professional yet compassionate. She is a natural listener. Jami has partnered with me not to give me her answers, but to help me find my own on topics both large and small. She does not ask anything of her clients that she hasn't asked of herself. She is honest, open, and does not judge. Jami has helped me achieve a transformation that when I first met her I didn't think was possible. I am humbled and grateful to be a client.