What I can Help You With

Navigate Your New Normal

Navigate Your New Normal

Divorce Coaching

  • Support before, during and after your divorcevigate the divorce process with more clarity, and help you focus on what’s important to you. It will also help you move on to your next chapter with less anger and resentments.

Create a Vision for your life

Life Coaching

Living a rewarding and peaceful life, is wonderful and can also be difficult and overwhelming at times. Mindfulness can help you appreciate your unique gifts, increase your focus, and shed light on the bigger picture, allowing you to be authentic with the world.

  • Find Clarity

  • Generate more room for personal growth

  • Build more confidence

  • Organize your visions and ideas in order to bring them to life


Turn Your Stress into Success

Young Adult Coaching

As a young adult you may find yourself at a crossroad, poised between your former role as a student and your new role as an adult. Mindfulness can help you connect to your true self, deepen your relationships, and help you find clarity on what your best life looks like.

  • Navigate your relationships with ease

  • Create awareness for the bigger picture

  • Build financial stability

  • Stratigize career possibilities and moving up with your organization