Mindfulness is fostering more awareness for the thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations you might experience at any given moment. Mindfulness keeps you in the present moment and eliminates the need to rehash the past or worry about the “what ifs” of the future. Being mindful means you simply notice your thoughts without judging them as “right or wrong”.


Practicing mindfulness creates a positive change in your thoughts and feelings; it can reduce stress and anger, increase overall balance, and help you discover more love, peace and happiness in your life. This awareness can be used for purposeful work in your career, deepen your personal relationships, enhance your parenting experience and help you understand your true self.


Coaching workshops are designed to help organizations foster productivity through mindfulness. With the use of emotional intelligence in the workplace environment teams will learn tools to eliminate distractions, unlock communication barriers and put into action strategies that will allow managers and employees to work together to achieve more than what they thought was possible.


Mindful Parenting

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Raising children can be stressful, confusing and tiring. It can also be rewarding and enjoyable. With the use of simple mindfulness practices, parents will begin to meet each day’s challenges with clarity, trust and compassion, bringing more joy and fun to the parenting experience.

  • Model mindful behavior

  • Lead and communicate with love

  • Use each experience as a teachable moment

  • Raise resilient children who are confident and respectful



When couples begin a relationship through the lens of mindfulness there is more open communication, less frustration with personal differences and a deeper respect for one another. Without mindfulness often couples often find themselves drifting away from each other or forgetting what brought them together in the first place.

  • Use open and authentic communication

  • Accept each others unique differences and focus on the qualities you love about one another

  • Live as two independent individuals who also operate as a team

  • Create a positive healthy future together



As a young adult you may find yourself at a crossroad, poised between your former role as a child and your new role as an adult. Mindfulness can help you connect to your true self, deepen your relationships, and help you find clarity on what your best life looks like.

  • Face life’s challenges with resilience

  • Create awareness for the bigger picture

  • Foster positive and compassionate relationships

  • Design your path forward to achieve your life goals




LGBTQIA people navigate unique challenges, both internally and externally everyday. Mindfulness techniques can foster personal growth and development, deepen relationships and bring out your authentic voice.

  • Overcoming the fear of coming out and to embrace courage

  • Discover and define your authentic self, creating the life you want to live

  • Deepen your self acceptance and pride

  • Navigate ignorance and intolerance


As an entrepreneur you know what hard and smart work looks and feels like. You understand what it takes to set a goal and go after it. You may also struggle to find balance between your personal life and your career aspirations.

  • Create and enjoy balance between personal and work lives

  • Eliminate the feeling of guilt when taking time off

  • Learn tools to engage in more purposeful work while developing a greater focus in all areas of your life

  • Restore your view of the bigger picture



Living as a creative person can be rewarding and peaceful, it can also be a frustrating process learning how to share your vision with others. Often brilliant ideas get lost in translation. Mindfulness can help you appreciate your unique gifts, increase your focus, and shed light on the bigger picture, allowing you to share your artistic truth with the world.

  • Unlock optimal creative potential and capacity

  • Generate more room for artistic growth

  • Build confidence in the ability to create

  • Organize your visions and ideas in order to bring them to life

  • Coaching Sessions

    Coaching sessions last approximately one hour, and generally take place weekly, either by phone, Skype, or in-person, depending on the client’s preferences and availability.

  • Mindful Parenting Groups

    Meet once a week for 2 hours, and shares new tools and daily practices to minimize stress, set parenting goals, share what is working, and find new solutions to existing challenges.

  • Speaking Engagements

    Partner with Jami to customize an inspiring talk for a particular program or event. The topics can range from mindfulness and productivity to uncovering your life’s purpose.

  • Workshops

    Coaching workshops are designed to help organizations learn tools to eliminate distractions, unlock communication barriers and put into action strategies that will allow managers and employees to work together to achieve more than they thought possible.